Bar Marks

All Elite Steel rebar products have a unique bar mark ELITE EIS-60 G-400 W on the entire length of bar at a meter interval. Product diameters range from 10mm to 32mm. To ensure the quality at use’s end and also to prevent counterfeit, valued and dear customers are requested to look for our clearly embossed identification mark. Elite Steel produces rebar according to British (BS 4461:1978, BS4449:1988), German (DIN 488: DIN 1045), India (IS 1786: 1985, IS 456), French (BA 1968), Russian (GOST 25 G 2 C), Japanese (JIS G3112 (1961)) & Bangladeshi (BDS 1313:1990) standards. A special bar mark with bold ribs and dash marks between the normal transverse ribs.