Superior Product Quality

Why Elite Steel 60 grade deformed bar superior to rebars market? As we know Sulphur & Phosphorus (S&P) are harmful impurities in steel. High levels of Phosphorus can lead to ‘cold shortness’ in steel where the steel tends to become very brittle under extreme cold conditions and thus vulnerable to cracking. High level of Sulphur can lead to ‘hot shortness’ in steel, a condition in which the melting point of steel gets lowered thereby reducing its strength dramatically under high temperature conditions. However, lower levels of S&P can be achieved only through advanced steel making technology. At, Elite Steel, due to state-of-the-art steel making facilities as well as the stringent quality controls at every step.

Elite Steel is produced through a combination of superior processes.The resultant steel is of superior quality, containing no harmful ingredients (like Sulphur and Phosphorus ) and ensures the desired and consistent properties in the rebar. All our rolling mills are fully modernized with the latest rolling technologies employing state-of-the-art tungsten carbide rolls in place of conventional steel rolls which ensure excellent dimensional tolerance and surface finish. The superiority of Elite Steel 60 grade deformed bar is further detailed in the subsequent sections.

As part of the chemistry, any rebar necessarily contains two harmful impurities, Sulphur (S) and Phosphorus (P) in varying levels, which reduce the strength of steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. Therefore lower these values the better.