Bigmint Event

BigMint proudly hosted the largest exhibition for the steel industry in Bangladesh on May 14th and 15th, 2024 at the prestigious Pan Pacific Sonargaon. This event brought together nearly all major technology providers from India and scrap traders from around the globe, showcasing the latest advancements and opportunities in the industry. We are thrilled to … Read more


এলিট স্টীল পরিবার তার সকল সদস্যদের নিয়ে এক আনন্দঘন দিন কাটালো। ক্রিকেট, দৌড়, হাড়ি ভাঙা নানা খেলাধুলা আর খাওয়া-দাওয়ায় এক অসাধারণ মুহূর্ত ছিল।  


ফাগুনের আগুন লেগেছে নবীন হৃদয়ে, সেজেছে সবাই আজ বাসন্তী রঙে । বসন্তের আজ প্রথম দিনে এলিট স্টীল পরিবারের সবাই বরণ করে নিলো বসন্তকে।  

Elite Steel Warms Hearts in Rangpur!

On Friday 26th January -24, our team distributed winter clothes in Rangpur district’s No. 5 Chawla Union. This reflects Elite Steel’s ongoing commitment to make a positive impact on those in need and in the society.

Bridging the Gap between Industry & Academia

Bridging Industry and Academia: An insightful session at Elite Steel’s corporate office on December 27th where Daffodil International University-DIU explored exciting industry opportunities for recent graduates and discussed potential career placements. The meeting delved into insightful discussions about products and sectors ripe for further exploration. At Elite Steel, our doors are wide open to universities eager to … Read more

Management having a visit in factory

Elite Steel’s Higher Management Immerse Themselves in Factory Unit 2, Witnessing Excellence in Action. With a deep commitment to hands-on leadership, Elite Steel’s higher management embarked on a visit to Factory Unit 2, igniting excitement and fostering a spirit of collaboration. Stepping onto the factory floor, they witnessed the seamless coordination of operations and the … Read more

6th Board Meeting

Elite Steel’s Board Meeting on July 11th Thrives, Unleashing a Promising Path Forward. With a blend of strategic brilliance and unwavering determination, the board members convened to set the stage for unprecedented growth and achievement. Energized by fruitful discussions and innovative ideas, the meeting served as a catalyst for transformative decisions that will propel Elite … Read more

5th Board Meeting

Elite Steel’s 5th Board Meeting was a great success! Engaging discussions, strategic planning, and a shared vision fueled our progress. Grateful for the dedicated board members and their valuable insights. Together, we are driving Elite Steel to new heights in the industry.